I don’t understand these humans

To Daniel

I don’t understand these humans. They suddenly leave us here for days, no yard, no birds, no nothing. Then they appear again out of the blue.

Sometimes they don’t.

Why do they have to go anywhere? There is food. There is water. There are places to sleep, to poop.

Plenty of places to pee too.

Yeah, you pervert. Anyway, we have everything here. We even have a yard with birds and lizards. Why would you leave? Where do they go? I don’t understand.

You know, you shouldn’t try. They are totally unreliable and weird. Did you see how they change moods? One day happy, one day sad, one day crazy.

Well, she was not like that before.

My dad, he was the best. He was always happy and he understood me perfectly. She is nowhere near how cool he was.

My mom is really cool. I cuddle with her at night.

Nowhere near.

Nope. When I get scared about something…

Which is all the time.

…she starts shouting that word I don’t understand, pendejo or something, and they I get more scared. It’s really embarrassing.

She is loud, she is not from around here anyway. She can’t help it.

My dad was way cooler.

Oh stop it, don’t be a baby. We’re fine here. They are nice to us and they make good servants.

I like the older better. She combs me…

Oh yeah, I like the combing part..

…and she opens the windows for me. There is only one thing that bothers me is that she insists on sleeping in our bedroom.

Yeah, that’s annoying. They have no sense of belonging.

You nailed it. That is their problem. That is why they feel the need to escape. They are not happy where they are. They feel bad and, instead of just chilling and lying on their bellies, they have to go to a crazy place to recover their senses. I don’t know what they are thinking.

I wonder how many more days we have to be locked.

Who knows? Maybe they don’t come back. Like our dad.

My dad was so cool.

Oh come on, you guys, stop it. Wait… what is that? I think they are here!

No, that’s not her car.

Oh, but that’s her voice. That’s her laughter. I’m glad she is happy again.

Who knows for how long. I don’t understand these humans.

Well, I’m going to stand here at the window looking pretty so they come inside as fast as possible. We are gonna get fed, petted, cleaned, we’ll go to the yard again. And really, that is all that matters.

[Is that a real kitty in the window? Yes, it is! I have a lot of kitties too. Oh yes? We have three.  Here is your suitcase, welcome back to Tallahassee. Thank you, have a good night.]


4 Responses to “I don’t understand these humans”
  1. Ernesto says:

    Very nice reading indeed! Almost make me wanna be a kitty myself, specially so the old lady would comb me.

  2. wcloister says:

    : ) Made me smile. And I feel like these kitties sometimes (I don’t understand these humans…)

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